> Front-end Developer
> Production Manager
> Project Manager
> Instructor
> Program Manager
> Product Manager
> Release Manager
> UX Practice Leader


After a successful career in direct response advertising as a copywriter and later technologist, the Internet dragged me by the scruff of my neck into digital media development in the online learning space. I am a founding member of one of the first compelling Web-based educational environments, Brainium. As production manager I led the user experience team toward the design and development of the science and IT literacy products.

Having developed new techniques for stimulating creative ideas, approaches to user experience and project management process, I caught the attention of Stratford Internet Technologies. Stratford recruited me as a project manager for a product that was deeply flawed. As there was no real product - and in turn no real project - I put my creative director hat on and created a new division called Avenue Zero – a lifestyles company providing information, e-commerce and entertainment to young urban dwellers through convergent media.

With my educational and production background, I returned to the Vancouver Film School as a senior instructor to create and lead the Client Group Project program. This was a direct hands-on experience for students to work with real clients, with real problems, in a real production environment. I taught project management and production process, mentored students, and facilitated over 30 projects: web sites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, physical kiosks, non-linear stories, productivity tools (e.g. intranet publishing system; project management system) etc.

I moved on to Riptown Media on the reputation for my "producer" system approach to user experience. However, like Stratford, Riptown wasn't ready for that I and spent the first year putting proper project management, issue tracking and release management programs in place as production manager. The structure and processes in place would allow the design team deal with a massive volume of work for an ever expanding brand called, Half way through my tenure I was promoted to head the design team which I later relabelled User Experience. I did this to bridge the gap between my team and business leaders my mutually agreeing on the satisfying the goals of the end user. Overall, I took a rag tag team of 10 and turned into a very diverse team of 30+ - not just aesthetic designers and front-end developers - but left-brain analysts, usability people, content strategists...

With my experience over the years in developing ideation techniques, I began further research on the nature of lateral thinking. It was from this experience that I conceptualized a new enterprise centered on products and services to improve creative brainstorming as a pathway to innovation with value, Landing Gear. I designed the service to allow organizations to be more effective in developing innovations, developed & implemented a workshop that trains facilitators to conduct proper brainstorms, designed a prototype for an online multi-user brainstorming service (StormQuick) and tested behavioural techniques as a method to evaluate brainstorming participants. This research led to a model I am developing called, Interactive Style for User-Centred Design professionals. It also led to a mobile framework called SAMURAI.

In keeping with my strong focus on people, I completed 720 hours of training toward a Career Development Practitioner certification. Call this a career transition from the development of online products to the development of people. No great endeavour can be accomplished or complete without knowing the aspirations and the passions of the people you count on to perform.

I am a graduate of Carleton University, the Vancouver Film School Digital Design & Interactive program and a PMI-endorsed Certificate in Project Management from the University of British Columbia.