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If a company is going to think outside the box don’t you think at times one needs to be physically outside of that box? The concept was simple. Provide the inspirational space, a trained facilitator, the right process for what the client was trying to accomplish and let innovative minds go to work.


After putting on a workshop with an international communications firm, problems with the concept began to surface. How would the client justify the cost when a one day session simply results in sheets chart paper reeking of black marker or covered in sticky notes? Something tangible has to come out of this expense. I began looking at and creating different kinds of work product that could come out of these sessions that would be actionable such as mock ups, low fidelity prototyping, and concept documents... work product that does not require a tremendous amount of training.

Also, how are the decisions made on who participates in the process? Some people like coming up the ideas, some prefer to analyse. Some even prefer just to observe. Finally, how do we create an environment to allow more introverted-leaning people participate fully in a room filled with extraverts?

The brick and mortar, centre for brainstorming, was replaced with a Web-based version called StormQuick. I wrote the business plan and design specification for a full fledge product and a minimal viable product. As mobile technologies were emerging, the Web-based product was abandoned for a mobile framework called SAMURAI which I started working on several years later.