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A different approach to live moderated brainstorms which allows participants to choose their inspirational location and environment while still being inspired by the ideas of others and facilitated by a professional moderator.


A physical space for doing ideation I maintain is still needed as in my Landing Gear concept: a physical centre for brainstorming where companies can do live organic brainstorming with an experienced facilitator away from the noise and pressure of an office environment. However, like any technology person you fall back to innovations that can be created on a computing device. I started with Web-based product called StormQuick. As the popularity of mobile computing evolved, StormQuick needed a completely different model. The Samurai Framework was created to support applications for mobile devices.

Samurai stands for Structured Sequestered Anonymous Moderated Multi-user Ubiquitous Real-time Asynchronous Ideation system. This buzz word soup is a model that goes beyond application development.

Samurai is not just a mobile application but a framework where many applications can be developed from it. The principles above are applicable to different situations or as one friend said, “This framework could work really well with big labour disputes.” Originally, it was conceived as an alternative way to track and develop ideas in the environment where ideas are truly born or in the proverbial bathtub where people find their “Eureka” moments.